A surface area of 3000 m2, organised by a state-of-the-art automated crane.
Maximum storage capacity of 18.000 mt. Max. 800 coils.
Computerised comprehensive management system from the start of the process.



Stripping by submerging the coils in HCl (hydrochloric acid) using the push-pull system.
Maximum width 1500 mm / minimum width 800 mm / min. thickness of 1 mm and max. 7 mm / maximum weight: 25 mt
The possibility of integrating the longitudinal coil cut into the stripping facility allows optimising the process times (2 steps in 1).



Reversible rolling mill measuring thickness using X-rays and speed using laser.
Width 450 to 750 mm / max. thickness 7 mm and minimum output thickness 0.20 / max. outer Ø: 1800mm (18.4 Kg/mm) / max. speed: 1,100 m/min.
Very high precision in thickness tolerances based on the high definition of laser and X-ray measuring systems, as well as a mass flow software with AGC thickness regulation.

Hornos de recocido de alta convección



High-convection annealing furnaces in a hydrogen (H2) protected atmosphere.
No. of bases: 28 / No. of furnaces: 12 / No. of cooling hoods: 11 / maximum: 65 mt/base
Uniformity, cleaning and short process times. The high-convection system and the hydrogen atmosphere combine uniformity in the mechanical characteristics of the material and optimum surface cleaning along with optimum process times.



Thickness measuring mill by isotopes with band profile register.
Width: 450 to 750mm / thickness: 0.20 to 6.00 mm / max. outer Ø 1800mm (18.4 Kg/mm) / max. speed: 500 m/min.
The integration of thixoptropic oils into the process, the precision of the surface finish and the control system using the isotope measurement unit guarantees a final product of the highest quality.

4 líneas de corte longitudinal



4 longitudinal cutting lines built into the automatic packaging system.
No. of scissors: 4 / cutting width: 14 – 1350mm / thicknesses of: 0.20 to 8.00 mm / output outer Ø: from 850 to 1.800mm / max. speed: 300 m/min.
The automatic change of the cutting body, as well as the detection and finishing system in the facilities, produce high quality in the final strip combined with high cutting productivity.



The fully automated packaging line guarantees maximum product quality along with high productivity and safety avoiding any handling by staff throughout the process.



4.000 m2 surface area. The material is shipped automatically using a precise traceability system, thus avoiding any possible error in the service.



Arania has the latest technology in logistics, handling and control of the finished product. The full computerisation of the process enables guaranteeing great agility and speed in shipments. This results in very short delivery times for shipments anywhere.



An avant-garde laboratory that allows us to guarantee the top quality of our product, which does not only guarantee the customer’s specifications, but also our additional, internal personalised specifications for each end use.
In the laboratory we also perform failure mode analyses on the parts, providing technical support to our customers in their developments.



From our headquarters in Amorebieta, customers in more than 50 countries are managed by our network of agents.